We are focusing on business process automation including

  • Enterprise applications for office administration;
  • Informational terminals;
  • Tablet and mobile business applications;

Vihv LCC

Vihv’s loosely coupled components is widget-based framework for PHP which can be used alone or together with any other solution, including:

  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS;
  • E-commerce software;
  • Frameworks;

This allows us to use best of both worlds: high quality object oriented code and third party plugins and extensions for  any existing platform.

Visit Vihv LCC website for more information and downloads http://lcc.vihv.org

Bouncy Melons ORM

Bouncy Melons is declarative style ORM. You just declare data structure in PHP code and BM take care of the rest. Shares the same idea as aircraft autopilot: ORM do the best it can, but you can take full control on anything any time.

Major Benefits:

  • No need to write update scripts any more. If declaration of data structure is changed – BM will change database structure automatically.
  • Extended field types with custom behavior.
  • Various filters for common tasks: search, sorting, pagination, grouping.
  • UI specific data: declare human readable column titles, list titles, etc.

More information and download: http://melons.vihv.org